Revive Cleaning Management
Revive Cleaning Management

Revive Cleaning Management

RCM was launched in October 2016 coming from a request from CrossReach, the Church of Scotland’s long tradition of providing care and support.

RCM has a vision of a cleaning service provision that delivers an offer which:

  • Meets the diverse needs of all stakeholders
  • Has an integrated approach
  • Will be commercially viable and robust
  • Delivers customer choice, quality and value for money

Initial Deep Clean

Norovirus Deep Clean

The Cleaning Products & Equipment List

Laundry Labelling System

Designated Areas to be Cleaned

Staffing Rota & Daily Tasks Schedule

Cleaning Daily Housekeeping

Laundry Housekeeping

Communal Cleaning Daily Housekeeping

Office Cleaning Daily Housekeeping

Staff Training

We hate waste and love savings and our business

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