The Catering Care Pathway
The Catering Care Pathway

The Catering Care Pathway

The Catering Pathway is a link between the catering teams and the carers to ensure that we are delivering a seamless service to the residents and customers using our services.

We develop a pathway for each individual client’s location ensuring that we have a bespoke service plan for each of the users which links to our e-learning development programmes.

The nutritional care of the customers and residents in the Nursing Homes, Residential Care, Sheltered Housing, Special Schools and Day centres that we support is a high priority for us.

We work closely with the care staff to determine the most up to date nutritional information about the residents to ensure that the meals provided are adapted to each individual’s requirements for texture, allergens, fortification, ethnic and cultural diets whilst meeting the nutritional guidelines.

The guidelines for school meals are used as are the Food for Hospitals to ensure the correct guidelines are used for the different settings. The individual’s nutritional information is recorded on the Nutrition Matrix and updated monthly by the Service Manager, allowing us to keep up to date with any changes in nutritional care. Our chefs are trained to adapt the dishes to meet the dietary needs of the residents whilst still ensuring they have a enjoyable and nutritious meal.

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